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new Chance for a Good Idea

As Canada embarks on reconcilliation with its Indigenous citizens, it may be time to rethink how the country funds First Nations and move to a model that allows individuals more control over their lives

The Cost Of Indigenous Affairs

About $20 billion a year is spend on Indigenous Affairs and related government departments, but the results are poor, why?

Indigenous Affairs - A Broken System

Over 80 percent of Canadians want to be directly involved in reconcilliation, but the current system may be broken beyond repair

Reconcilliation and a Path Forward

Canadians want reconcilliation with Indigenous peoples, but what does that look like, what should it look like to create real change

A Price on Pick-up

Did you know the price you pay for garbage and recycling in Winnipeg went up?

Recycled Ideas

Is the City of Winnipeg building recycling capacity that isn't required at taxpayer's expence?